Audition Information

Hello! Thank you so much for being interested in my short film Honeybee directly inspired by the song "Honeybee" by steam powered giraffe. I am so proud of this film and really want to bring it to the screen but I can't do that without your help. Below is where you will find all the information to proceed with an audition to be apart of Honeybee. Don't worry! The audition process is 100% virtual so no need to make a journey (yet)

the filming process

Just because we are auditioning now doesn't mean we will begin filming the next day. The goal is to start filming in late March, so I need to plan ahead. It would not be everyday, and we would work around your schedule. You just need to have general availbility. Not everyone will be called all days/nights.

The audition process

You want to audition? Heres how you do it! Step by Step.

Step by Step Process

1.  Read over the characters boxes on the first page. Decide who you want to audition for. Email or DM with any questions on characters, or further details.

2. Read the guidelines for the characters, are you fit to play?

3. Email with the subject "Honeybee Audition" and in the body text send a message with the names of the characters you want to play. (yes you can audition for multiple) Like seen on the side

4. Wait for an email back. You will soon get an email with the slides for the character(s) you reached out for.

5. Upon receiving the slides, film yourself slating (name, age, character you are reading for) and act out the scene to the best of your ability, before the deadline. (there is no current deadline on this project)

6. Wait until reached out about a final decision! You may be emailed again with more slides for that character to further see your skills, or emailed even for a different character. 

7. Be sure to communicate if you will or will not be accepting a role.

NOTE: This is an unpaid production. This is only for entertainment and furthering credits for actors and crew members.